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2023 Was a Heck of a Year - An IvyHill PR Recap

January 08, 20247 min read

*Note from the Founder: I’ll be honest. Recap posts aren’t my favorite thing, but it’s wicked important to recognize where you’ve been to know where you want to go. We accomplished some amazing things at IvyHill in 2023, rolled with the punches, and are starting this year stronger than ever (well, aside from me catching COVID!) Okay, now let’s get into this recap…

Growing your message and audience as a business owner is no small feat. Our clients are hard working people with bustling businesses, eager to make an impact and support those around them in sustainable ways. Regardless of industry or background, we’ve noticed a trend: a deep desire to leave the world a better place than they found it. It takes a strong foundation to have that come to fruition and this past year reflected that well. 

Here are a few highlights from 2023 that we’re very proud of:


As the first sustainable, green-cleaning company in Western Mass, Beloved Earth Co. is committed to the environment, but did you know they’re also passionate about ethical business practices? We’ve teamed up to help realign this innovative company through updated messaging and best practices. In the past few months, we’ve worked on everything from improving internal communications to laying the groundwork for a new podcast and videos! We’ve also had some very productive discussions about the overall brand direction given the unique approach they have. These folks have made amazing strides and we’re eager to share more about their progress.


Our resident KonMari home organizer, Julie Heckscher, hit some major home runs this year in spite of some challenges. Starting out with a big goal of “not having her marketing be stale or boring”, Julie is tapping into her creativity with the help of our team and it has paid off! Since starting with IvyHill, she’s relaunched her social media, created new blog posts, and refined her overall messaging. Most importantly, Julie’s applying her business values to her marketing approach, finding joy in creating tangible resources for people who are ready to get organized, but not sure how. Because of her hard work, her follower count has doubled and she’s generating new leads. The right support makes a difference and Julie is a great example of that!


All She Wrote Books, a Somerville-based queer woman-owned bookstore, had quite the year in 2023. They went from being displaced and overwhelmed to successfully raising over $60k in less than five weeks and opening a new store. They were also featured in places like The Boston Globe, GBH, Cambridge Day, MassLive, Kim Douglas’ Bold Like Her podcast, and more.

Raising money requires a solid community who cares. The outpouring of love and support the store experienced made our eyes water more times than we’d like to count. Seeing folks across the globe rally around this business, including the one and only Mercury Stardust, made this campaign successful. Coupled with Christina’s speaking engagement for LGBTQ+ Business Week, we saw the power of a community-centric approach to public relations firsthand.

With the support of the IvyHill team, we helped Christina through a very challenging time in her business and are setting her team up for a successful 2024. We’re pumped to roll out the cool plans we have laid out for this year.


As soon as the calendar hit January 2023, Goals to Results turned to IvyHill PR and said “game on!” We spent a chilly afternoon interviewing our favorite “Business Dad”, Dennis Riley, to learn about his journey and the game-changing services his team provides. This became an evergreen video business card, a valuable resource for prepping prospective clients and referral partners. Since then, we’ve collaborated with Goals to Results in many capacities, working with Dennis on growing his video capabilities, guiding his team towards a more refined message and stronger community connections. In fact, we wrapped up the year with a collaborative workshop on goal setting as it applies to both business operations AND communications.


Authentic connections matter. That was the big theme as we started working with Nate aka The Friendly I.T. Guy. As someone with a strong local following and a desire to grow, we started working with Nate on the best way to increase brand awareness while also having fun. We kicked things off with a series of video shoots, creating a narrative for an upcoming commercial and recording client testimonials. Coupled with a strategic approach to expanding his reach, this content will be invaluable to growing his business. Now it’s all about preparing for the influx!


2023 was a huge year for our client, Boston Moms. Meghan and her team substantially scaled the business this year, bringing Cape Cod and Rhode Island into the mix with the acquisition of Cape Cod Moms and Rhode Island Moms. This amazing group of caregivers is leveling up what it means to create community among one of the busiest groups of people we know. On our end, we saw their “Mom’s Eye View” series take off and compliment the direction of their brand beautifully. Whether it was hanging out at a summer camp or going on a trip to a full house remodel, we loved helping with this series and can’t wait to show what’s next.


As a leader in promoting equity within the psychedelic community, the People of Color Psychedelic Collective is reframing communal care and support for thousands across the globe. On a rainy day in April, we headed down to New York City to chat with the founder, Ifetayo Harvey, about the organization and their goals for uplifting BIPOC communities. This interview tied in with another shoot for a documentary, which was super fun! After all that filming, we worked with this ambitious nonprofit to update their introductory video. We’re excited to show the world what they’re all about through the power of visual storytelling. 


Recent Brooklyn transplants, Mike Dell’Aquilla and Sarah Real, are bringing the heat and changing the norms of what it means to create craft beverages right in the Berkshires. Hot Plate Brewing Co. is the only Latina-owned brewery in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and is ready to make their presence more widely known. Some of the things we collaborated on last year included their first ever Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) event at the taproom, a Witchy Salon event with zodiac-inspired flights, photo shoots, video edits, and assisting with a heat insecurity fundraiser. We’re excited to see how they progress into new markets and expand their mission of inclusivity within a historically exclusionary industry.


There’s a lot of noise in the wellness market, but our client PsillyGirls has worked hard to stand out from the rest. After some conversations about the direction of the brand, we kicked things off by refining their visuals and laying the groundwork for their overall marketing goals. How did we make this happen? Collaboration, of course! We teamed up with Amy Crosby Photography to update PsillyGirls’ product photos, create evergreen videos, and reflect their values more concretely. Wait til you see what they’ve got in store!


Lots of things have been springing up for our clients, but this year was also full of wins for IvyHill! We were thrilled to have the opportunity to attend the National PRSA Conference in Nashville. It was a great chance for us to meet some super cool PR pros and hear insights from industry leaders. The connections we made have already turned into valuable friendships and future collaborations.

In terms of press, Amber Krasinski, the Founder of IvyHill PR, published a piece in the inaugural issue of Boston Women’s Business Buzz. In it, she talked about why folks don’t follow through on creative projects, highlighting ways to address anxiety and tackle procrastination. This was complimented by a feature in Kim Douglas’ Bold Like Her podcast, a presentation at a local tech high school, and even a feature during LGBTQ+ Business Week!

Get ready, folks. We’re just getting started over here. 

If you want to join in on the fun and grow your message your way, drop us a line. We’d love to chat and see how we can help.


Thank you to Noelle Hamilton and Bree Schuette for helping compile this post!


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