So how does all this work?

We guide you through our four-step process: collaborate, construct, connect, assess & adjust. Through this, we learn your values, get to the root of your challenges, refine your goals, make a plan, and implement!


A review of what is challenging you, what you’ve tried, what you’ve noticed, and where you would like to be. This includes discussing things like target audiences, social media metrics, website, customer satisfaction, competitors, earned media, and overall mindset. Understanding your mission, values, and goals is key.


The planning phase of our work. This includes a deep dive into what our client’s ideal audiences are looking for and interested in. We then use that research as well as your insights to design a holistic communications plan and systems. After all, the biggest impact comes from the best planning.


This is where the rubber meets the pavement. We provide a clear roadmap for you. We put everything into action by using our various networks, strategies, and tactics to help our clients overcome the difficulties they’ve experienced with their communications and marketing. Together we forge new relationships and strengthen current ones.


At IvyHill, we don’t just gather data and create plans. We take analyze and take appropriate action. If the direction you’re headed isn’t getting you closer to your goals, you need to adjust. We work with you to tweak what’s currently being done, making changes that will optimize your business or organizational communications.

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