All She Wrote Books

Helping a Displaced Business Get Back on Its Feet

What do you do when your rent goes up over 130% in two years and your business is being displaced? To top it off, you have $8,000 in repair bills, need to move in 30 days and raise at least $60,000.

This was the case for All She Wrote Books. Within a few days of signing on with IvyHill, we had set up an organizational system and strategy to move the needle effectively over the campaign period. Everything from project management to influencer marketing was covered. Activating Christina’s personal and professional networks was a key component of our work.

In just five weeks, we raised over $60,000 for the only queer-owned and woman-owned bookstore in the greater Boston area!

Goals to Results

A Video Business Card That Drives Results

When you do things differently than the rest of your industry, you naturally stand out.

We teamed up with Goals to Results to bring their communications to the next level and share their thought leadership.

How did we do this? We worked with Dennis on refining his messaging and came up with an efficient schedule for getting the footage (and photos!) we needed. Within the span of a few hours, our team set up, recorded an interview, gathered relevant “b-roll” footage, and took branded photos.

Goals to Results now has months worth of video and photo content that shares their story and expertise. Dennis has also grown his own video editing and content creation skills along the way!

Hot Plate Brewing

Hyperlocal Engagement for Brand Impact

As the only Latina-owned brewery in all of Massachusetts, Hot Plate Brewing is quickly becoming a hub for communities in the Berkshires and beyond.

What started as a business idea during the pandemic has evolved into a successful 7-barrel brewhouse and taproom that opened in Downtown Pittsfield in 2023! Although the team has a strong marketing background, navigating the world of public relations and staying on track with social media was challenging. That's where our team came in.

With IvyHill PR, this community-driven business has substantially expanded its reach, landing articles in outlets like Wine Enthusiast, The Mountains, and Uproxx.

Boston Moms

A Mom’s Eye View

Busy moms and caregivers can always use help finding fun, kid-friendly things to do. We've worked with Boston Moms to grow their ongoing series “A Mom’s Eye View.”

The team provides ongoing video production and editing to garner more engagement and highlight mom-friendly businesses and events in the area. Our support has helped take a big weight off our client’s shoulders when it comes to consistent content creation and community building!

By leveling up their video, we've helped increase their lead generation and engagement at the same time.

M&A Brands

Mike & Patty’s Mainvest Campaign

When Boston’s most popular breakfast spot decided to launch a new location, team members at IvyHill knew exactly what to do.

With an ongoing Mainvest campaign, we knew a longer-form video would be crucial for succinctly sharing their story and driving investments. In a matter of weeks, Mike & Patty’s had raised over $150,000 to build out their Jamaica Plain location.

We started off by learning more about the overall campaign goals, determining what footage was needed, and planning out a shoot day with the good folks at M&A Brands.

The result? See for yourself!

Odelia, Marie, & Patrice

OM&P Studio Launch and Video Business Card

Odelia, Marie, & Patrice is a sustainable, ethical, and vegan design company that creates beauty, accessory, and home good products.

In honor of their new studio space and retail store, our team worked with founder Dr. Candace Parrish, to capture what the brand is all about! We did a full-day shoot including brand photography, interviews, and in-the-moment footage. We then crafted a video business card and a short recap video of their launch day for social media. We also provided advising on video and public relations strategies for the newly created brand assets.

This created the foundation the brand needed to expand their marketing and public relations.